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EMC Braces For Another Heavy Rain

EMC Braces For Another Heavy Rain

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Author Photo by: NewCaneyDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 2 mos, 10 days ago   May 09 2019, 8:46pm 
With storms moving into East Montgomery County yet again, officials and citizens are preparing for whatever mother nature has in store.
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Some things to keep in mind:
[b]- Stay put and avoid driving; go to and stay at a safe location.
- Park your car in your driveway, not in the street
- Do not drive through floodwaters, Turn Around Don't Drown!
- Never drive around barricades! Avoid underpasses and low-lying areas
- If water is rising inside your vehicle, seek refuge on top; if your vehicle is sinking, get out
- If trapped in a building, go to its highest level
- If your home is flooding, do not climb into a closed attic because you may get trapped there
- Have a way to get emergency alerts; listen to authorities for information and instructions
- Avoid wading in floodwater; it can contain dangerous debris, contamination, wildlife or downed power lines
- Use a generator or other gasoline powered machinery only outdoors and away from windows
- In the event of a life threatening emergency, please contact 9-1-1.
Water Levels:
water.weather.gov/ah ps/
More Resources:
www.facebook.com/MCC onstablePct4/
www.facebook.com/mct x.oem/
Be safe, everyone!
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Author Photo carol888 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 9 days ago   May 11 2019, 1:07pm 
Hope today is quiet and little rain!
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Author Photo carol888 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 8 days ago   May 12 2019, 3:31pm 
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Author Photo KingsKid Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 7 days ago   May 13 2019, 2:37pm 
Is it supposed to rain this week
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Author Photo carol888 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 6 days ago   May 13 2019, 4:31pm 
@KingsKid : I do not think so
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